Welcome Come on In

by Ron DuBois on May 23, 2011

Dear Reader,

Welcome to my work in progress.

The process of writing a book can be a large and daunting task and this is your opportunity to participate. Don't worry, you're not going to be asked to write a book. Rather, I am offering you the opportunity to watch over my shoulder as I write mine. By subscribing to this site you will get to read each section of my newest book as it is written. You will be able to post comments, ask questions, and make suggestions. All before the book is actually published.

The subject is Personal Finance - the Title of the book is Financial Grand Slam: 8 Steps to Winning at the Game of Money

This will also be a place where interesting, like minded people like us can connect. And speak our mind…

I always encourage your feedback! Let me know how I’m doing and share your own stories and thoughts. Those who do will be rewarded for their participation :)

You can also expect that this site from here on out will be the hub and source for solid information on our greatest passion!

I’d like to invite you to participate, and subscribe to get involved with the latest conversations! The more we can learn from each other and share our thoughts – the more we can shine a light for others lost in cyberspace and the better the finished product will be!

I look forward to growing in knowledge with you.
Together we change the world! Or at the least create a community where we can express our ideas and share our common interest!

So subscribe, comment and let me know your story.

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What’s the Movie Paying inside Your Head?

by Ron DuBois on October 11, 2012

I want to start this post out with a question:

What is the movie playing inside your head?

Are you like 98% of the population playing… the one where you see yourself in the past making mistakes, being an idiot or feeling inferior. Do you review your past mistakes and failures and gloss over your successes?

Or are you more like the 2% who do not constantly replay their past failures and mistakes on the theater of their minds and are the superstars of business, sports and politics. The 2% play a different movie. They play a movie over and over that focuses on the future rather than dwelling on the past they…

Specifically they play their future movie over and over in their minds. They don’t dwell on the past, they are forward-thinking. They use specific strategies to succeed by playing their future success over and over in their minds, not the past. Keep in mind this is a trait of the top 2% of all successful people on the planet.

Not everyone can achieve this kind of success but you can get a lot closer – even getting into the top 20% simply by choosing the right goals and then playing the movie of you succeeding and attaining that goal.

What do you want?

The first step in choosing a goal is deciding what you really want out of life.

If you want to make $40 million dollars then set that as your goal. It doesn’t matter, you just have to DECIDE. Even if you only make $1million after trying to make $40 million who cares?

You got $1 Million.

Remember, a successful person is not going to sit around and complain about the past. They are not going to say to themselves, “Rats, I only made $1 million. I was shooting for $40 million. I must be an idiot”.

They are going to DECIDE and go after hitting the next goal.

Get your mind right about success and don’t take the power you have for granted.


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