by Ron DuBois on June 2, 2011

Now that you have the Be Do Have lists completed it’s time to fill in the gaps. Before we do that we need to take a good look at your lists and prioritize. If you did the exercise correctly there should be some pretty big gaps between your current situation and your ideal Be Do Have.

In his book, The Best Way Out is Always Through, BJ Gallgher  writes:

“Our journey of life is about progress, not perfection. It's not about doing one thing 100% better - it's a matter of doing 100 things, 1% better each day.

Progress is evolutionary not revolutionary, and most days we measure our progress in inches,
not miles.

What matters most is showing up for your life whether you feel like it or not.

Ask yourself, "What two or three little things can I do today that would move me forward?"

You'll be amazed at how much distance you can cover by taking it in increments.

The little things add up; the inches turn to miles; and we string together our efforts like so many pearls.
Before long, look what you have - a whole strand!”

Here's what's NOT important:

  • How you landed in your current circumstances
  • How long you've been here
  • How many times you've tried to achieve more
  • How your parents helped/hindered
  • How uncomfortable/upset/ angry/depressed you are here
    - and one other thing,
  • How on Earth are you going to get to your ideal

What you need to get clear on is the destination - who you want to Be, what you want to Do, and what you want to Have and Why those are important to you.

Look back over your list and write down one step you can take today towards your ideal Be, Do, and Have.

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